Daiwa Prorex XR Spin 3020PEA (10603-320)

Daiwa Prorex XR Spin 3020PEA (10603-320)

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Legutolsó ismert ár (2017. 11. 13.): 79 700 Ft

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DAIWA PROREX XR SPINNING REEL-DAIWA PROREX XR SPINNING REEL-With the Prorex XR reels you will master every fight, since these reels feature strictly the best features from the Japanese DAIWA technology. Thanks to the Mag Sealed construction the penetration of water and dust particles via the main shaft is almost completely eliminated – perfect for fishing in sea and brackish waters. Mag Sealed cares for an increased lifespan of the reel, even under extreme strains. The Digigear II in combination with the 8 CRBB ball bearings guarantees permanent smooth running and highest strainability during the fight. The special “no paint” surface coating, which is applied at all Prorex spinning reels, prevents corrosion of the aluminum body and eliminates the threat of flaking paint. The patented Air Rotor reduces the starting resistance at retrieving, further optimizes the balance and additionally reduces the reel’s weight. The new ATD drag system provides an optimal and even drag power and eliminates the usual higher starting resistance. Especially for the use of braided lines the aluminum spool has been equipped with a rubber ring, which reliably prevents slipping of smooth braided lines under strain. The aluminum handle is firmly screwed into the reel body and is housed distortion proof and securely. The size 3020 has been especially designed for the use with braided lines – the semi-shallow spool features a line capacity of 200m PE 2.0 (0.20mm J-Braid). The size 2500 has been especially designed for a better power transmission at retrieving. Here a reel body of the size 3000 is combined with the rotor and spool of the size 2500. Thanks to the larger gearing of the 3000 sized body the retrieving power is markedly increased compared to conventional 2500 sized reels (up to 40%!). -Model: 3020PEA-Bearing: 8-Line capacity(m/mm): 195/0.27-Áttétel: 5.6:1-Recovery: 95cm-Weight: 320g-MAGSEALED body construction-HARDBODYZ aluminum reel body-AIR ROTOR-AIR BAIL- 8 CRBB ball bearings-ATD drag system-DIGIGEAR II-Infinite Anti-Reverse-Carbon fiber drag discs-Cross Wrap system-Twist Buster II line roller-ABS II aluminum spool-Aluminum spare spool-Aluminum handle-EVA handle knob Így is ismerheti: Prorex XR Spin 3020 PEA 10603 320, ProrexXRSpin3020PEA10603320, Prorex XR Spin 3020PEA (10603 320), ProrexXRSpin3020PEA10603-320

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